High Blood Pressure Part 1

It was 1999 when my husband rushed me to the ER.  I started with a headache, then a bleeding in the nose.  On arrival I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  The doctors said I would have died within an hour if I didn’t get there before that!  For three agonizing years I was on medication with no improvement.  Weight came on and all sorts of health problems piling on one after another.  I cried out to God.  I was too young to be a burden to my husband and my children!  I was only 52 years old and feeling like a 90 year old. God answered my prayers by directing someone to send me an audio tape:” Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.

After listening to it and reading the book, I threw away all non stick pans, can food, stopped drinking sodas, soft drinks, threw away all my make up, lotions etc., because I found in them harmful ingredients. I started drinking purified water and cooking with it; as well as bathing with it.  Since then I have been educating myself on how to use God’s natural resources as He intended us to use them, as much as I can.  It’s been almost 9 years since I took a prescription drug.  My husband’s migraine headaches have decreased tremendously – he sometimes gets them if he eats out.  In addition to the diet I got closer to God.  This has brought me great peace and joy in my life.

I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of my blog.  Come back on January 3rd for part 2.