I again apologize for taking a while to write especially when in the last article I wrote I mentioned the date I would write my next article.  I have now decided that I will not make such promises but will continue to write and share what I’m learning with you as time permits and/or the need arises because no matter what I do, there just isn’t enough time to do everything that I intend to do in a given day!  However, I am working on it.  Just be patient with me, I have a lot to share with you.


In my last article I mentioned that I was going to give you a list of food my family eats, but then I realized that the list would be extremely long and that I would probably have to explain most of the food we eat since it’s part of America’s common delicacy.  What I have decided, though is to introduce the food in my recipes whenever I give you a new recipe so keep an eye out for those recipes on this space.


One of the reasons I haven’t had time to write is that I have recently become involved in something really big, bigger than myself!  If you remember one of my previous articles, I asked that if anyone knew of a company that manufactured skin care products that had none of the harmful chemicals I mentioned  in my articles to please share that information with me.  My goal is to find means to help us all avoid chemicals and additives that we ingest in our food and those we absorb through our skin so as to maintain and improve our overall health. It took awhile, but someone found it and that someone is none other than my eldest daughter, Mary Edna. She is the one who appeared to be indifferent about my recommendations – being in the science field, she would question everything. So, when she came to us excited about this line of products, we had to listen.  The signature product from this company, a juice made from a little-known fruit from Asia, has improved our health by leaps and bounds.


As you know, I have a passion for “all things health”, hence the reason for this blog which I use to encourage others to make some lifestyle changes that could result in improved health. Even though I have tried the best I can to maintain healthy eating habits, I had started experiencing some new health challenges.  Yes, my health was much better than before but I started feeling the effects of old age, so to speak. These included hot flushes, fatigue, difficulty going up and down the stairs, hair loss, peeling and breaking nails, and back pain .  I knew that I should probably consult a physician about these health challenges but I was hesitant because I knew there was a possibility of being prescribed some kind of medication.  I know that there are times we have to use prescription medicines but there is also the problem associated with the harmful side effects of the very medicine that is supposed to be helping you (You know, the ones written in very small print that you may need a magnifying glass to read them).   I sought the advice of an Alternative Medicine Doctor who works with the company and in a short time after following his advice,  the hot flashes are gone, my energy is through the roof, I run up and down the stairs, my hair is starting to grow back again, my nails are not breaking or peeling any more, and the pain in my back had completely gone …that is until I got carried away (no pun intended) with my newfound strength and lifted a very heavy object.  I’m glad to say though that the pain has subsided and I just wonder to myself  what was I thinking at age 65 lifting such a heavy object?!


When my husband and I saw what these products were doing in our lives we had to share with our family and friends.  The results our family members and friends are experiencing are astonishing and extremely exciting!!!  As a result, we got involved with the company and we know this is one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Because we are now involved with the company, I can’t give detailed information on this blog about the company or the products we are using I ask anyone who would want more information to let me know by sending an email to: with their name, email address and/or phone number.  Also please let me know   the best time to contact you.  On Thursday, February 28th (in Laurel, Maryland) we will have the Founder of the company come to share his inspiring story behind his forming the company and you will also have an opportunity to hear from myself and others our personal testimonials. Let me know if you would like to attend this event by 2/23/13 so I can send you directions.  Believe me when I tell you that it will be worth your time and it really could change your life !

Until next time, here is to your health in the new year!