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I have to apologize again for this long silence. Oh my goodness! I don’t know about you, but my time is running too fast. I guess I am having a lot of fun. Yes, I have been having fun this summer with birthdays (one to three each month from January to September), graduations, traveling to Italy etc. etc. Thanks to my good health – all glory goes to the Almighty God.

I am sure the title shocked some of you just as it did for me when I first learned about the dangers of wheat. Yes, wheat. When I wrote about how I had lost weight, I mentioned that I was using portion control, was eating more vegetables and less carbohydrates, while consuming protein in between. At that point, I didn’t realize I was actually reducing my WHEAT intake because, all my simple carbohydrates WERE 100% whole wheat. Like many people out there, I was sold on the idea that this was the healthiest grain on earth. All that changed when I read Dr. William Davis’ book Lose The Wheat Lose The Weight. This is one book that everyone who cares about his/her health should read. No, I am not getting a cut and he doesn’t know that I am un-officially marketing his book.

While people with celiac disease are affected by all products with gluten, you and I are susceptible to this modern wheat because of this new protein called GLIADIN. He calls this modern wheat a perfect chronic poison; and he claims to have cured many of his patients from all kinds of conditions just by having them eliminate wheat. So, what I did was to become again, a guinea pig for you. I eliminated all products that have wheat in them – it’s not as difficult as you think especially if you are used to cooking. Get this, without exercising and without portion control (already used to smaller meals) I lost about four more pounds, which brought me up to a total of twenty pounds that I had lost to date. To get to my original weight (148 lbs), I need to lose seven more lbs. At age 65 and 5’6″ tall, I am getting advice that I should not try to lose more. Well, I’ll see how that goes.

I still use other grains, such as rice (black is my favorite) not to be confused with wild rice. This black rice is sometimes called forbidden rice and it has short grains with great flavour, while wild rice has long grain, and includes grains such as millet, quinoa, tef and amaranth. For me and my family this list is enough so far. I use any fo these grains to make bread. I had tried to purchase wheat free/gluten free bread from stores but most of them don’t taste good and have some harmful ingredients in them such as tapioca, corn starch, potato starch, cottonseed etc. So, I decided to make my own bread – inspired by Dr. William Davis, using the ingredients I know for sure are not detrimental to my health (at the moment, anyway… Remember, these things keep on changing). My problem now is that all my children, grand children and friends want my bread. My children got me to blogging now they are asking me to write a recipe book.

My next article, right after this is the recipe I just mentioned above. Please come back and get the recipe and start eliminating wheat from your diet. I care that much. I must mention that some people get withdrawal symptoms from eliminating wheat because it is addictive. If this is the case, start with one meal at a time until you no longer feel the effect. For those who have no problem with yeast and who do not want to spend time in the kitchen baking I recommend this bread – by Berlin Natural Bakery. It’s made with non gmo ingredients: freshly stone-ground whole sprouted spelt flour, water, honey, yeast and sea salt. So far I have seen it at Whole Food and Roots Market – in freezer section. I am sure it won’t be long before you can see it in more stores. Their website is www.berlinnaturalbakery.com. For others outside United States, try to find bread with similar ingredients.

To your better health,

Agnes Kiganda

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